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2021 July 1st

ManuChem Conference: Chemical manufacturing excellence in the digital age

Denis Gauder, Digital Asset Consultant, IPCOS will present his paper: “The digital workforce – what does it take for digital projects to really succeed?” at the conference


2021 July 27th 10:00 AM US Central DT

Webinar: Optimization and control of challenging distillation columns. Part 2: Advanced Process Control

IPCOS’ experience with these difficult columns, has allowed us to find solutions that bring benefit either as energy savings, increased production, and /or improved product quality. The solutions found often involve a combination of better and redesigned regulatory / base-layer control, and multivariable predictive control.
In part 2 of this 2 part series of webinars, we’ll explore the way Advanced Process Control solutions optimize these challenging columns resulting in more consistent quality, less specific energy consumption and/or more throughput.