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Flexible production of energy with minimal environmental impact

Helping utility managers meet their strategic and operational targets: increase availability and flexibility while reducing emissions

Flexibility in producing energy becomes more and more important. Producing just in time exactly what is required while taking the fast changing energy prices into consideration. IPCOS helps to meet these requirements for the production of steam, electricity, hot and cold water under increasing strict environmental regulations. We provide solutions that bring together these incompatible demands.

Save fuel and prevent venting in steam networks

The real time optimal management of utility boilers and steam grid operations (venting, let down,..) results in very large monetary savings and has a large impact on the emission of small to large utility systems. No need to vent steam on a permanent basis that can act as an fast responding energy buffer.

Reduce emissions

Optimal control of the combustion process results in reduced emissions while respecting all the safety rules. No need to run at excessive oxygen levels because it is easier to operate. Keep on eye on your budget and the environment.

Measure and report all individual energy flows with the help of data reconciliation

Modern integrated sites consist of utility plants, units that consume energy and units that produce energy. If everybody needs to get a correct invoice or payment it is important that all streams are measured and reported accurately. It all starts with data reconciliation of all your flow measurements.

Optimal production of energy


Increase in Boiler Efficiency (ASME PTC4) for power plants (100-1000MW)


Reduction of CO2 and NOX emissions

520K Euro/Year

benefits due to less venting in a steam network of a refinery.

1.6M Euro/year

benefits due to fuel gas savings for utilities of a refinery.

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The energy demand is huge. The availability is scarce and there is only 1 earth. Let IPCOS help you to equilibrate this fragile balance.