Operations MANAGER

Achieve your company’s best potential performance

Allow real-time monitoring and optimization to provide a complete overview of your processes

Ensure your team and equipment’s safety and stability while performing at full capacity

Safety as the highest priority

Determine needs and solve problems before they arise

If safety is your highest priority, then guarantee it by implementing alarm management, predictive maintenance and PID tuning. Ensure product quality stays stable and within specifications by equipping your devices with the latest innovations in APC, predictive maintenance and softsensing. 

IPCOS Case Study

Is my plant Advanced Process Control (APC) ready?

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Gain additional benefits by exploring new technologies

Is further optimization of your operation not feasible with the tools you have as an Operations Manager? IPCOS can help you explore technologies that can safely and reliably improve the performance of your assets. Together we will steer your plant operations through rapid business changes and maintain products within the specified targets while always maintaining safe plant conditions.

IPCOS Case Study

Detecting and Correcting Pipeline Leaks Before They Become a Big Problem

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Get closer to highly automated, fully optimal production

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To help you as an Operations Manager, IPCOS engineers will perform high level and/or detailed studies of the existing state of your plant.

Bridge the gap between process engineering, operations, and DCS

Proposing improvements

Keeping in sight the benefits of the operation and ROI, we will propose implementations of alarm management systems, predictive maintenance, APC, automated reporting, base layer controls and so on. 

Working alongside local engineers

Implementing the solutions

Working alongside the local engineers, IPCOS can implement solutions turnkey or play a consultancy role. The course of action depends entirely on your company’s needs and staff’s experience.

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Maintenance and follow-up

It’s vital that the implemented solutions remain in place for years to come to generate maximum benefits for your company. IPCOS is prepared to provide as much training, maintenance and support as needed to guarantee acceptance by the staff and longevity of the project.


Discover how optimization and advanced control solutions can maximize ROI for your plant.