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Automated Reporting

Automate your reports and never worry about missing a deadline!

Allow personnel to focus on high added value tasks and leave the report generation to automated systems.

How automated reporting can help you?

Effortlessly available KPI’s

Every plant needs to compile reports every day, week, and month. The number of requested KPI’s seems to be ever-increasing, which translates to a higher load on operating staff who are also struggling to maintain the efficiency of operations. Through automated reporting, IPCOS can help you provide these KPI’s which all too often are still performed manually using disparate spreadsheets.

IPCOS provides solutions that connect to all relevant data sources while allowing for manual correction and validation of the data. We also offer visual reporting and automate the dissemination of information towards recipient systems (ERP, legal authorities, HSE systems, etc.).

Automated reporting: Effortlessly available KPI’s

Our services

What makes successful monitoring and alarming strategies?

Monitoring & Alarming

Automate data gathering and processing to maintain real-time parameters within the operating envelope of each asset. Minimize emissions, increase plant safety, and reduce alarm rates and shutdowns.

Data Management Services

Data Management Services

Efficiently harness the quantum leap in data generated throughout your organization to streamline and optimize your processes.

Analytics and Modeling: the best modeling approach

Analytics & Modeling

With deep experience in industrial processes, modeling, and analytics, let IPCOS help develop innovative solutions to your most difficult problems, bringing them to success on the plant floor.

End-to-end value


KPI’s available on a daily basis


Reduction of time spent compiling reports


Consistent and traceable figures

Information at your fingertips

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Reduction of time spent compiling reports-

Reduction of time spent compiling reports

With our solution, IPCOS has witnessed a reduction of time spent compiling reports by a factor of 5 in some cases. Why not you?

KPI’s available on daily basis-

KPI’s available on daily basis

When reporting is automated and integrated within the day-to-day routine, data will be available effortlessly to the stakeholders no matter what happens in the plant!

Consistent and traceable figures

Consistent and traceable figures

Ever had doubts about the origin of reported figures? Ever been thrown off by someone mistyping a figure by a factor 100? Guaranteed not to happen after automation!

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