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Increase refining margins with optimized operations and workflows

When margins are low, optimization is key

We provide solutions to the world’s toughest industrial challenges: enabling more renewable energy on the grid; reducing emissions; increasing plant productivity and adapting to demand.

Optimal controls allow you to put units where they generate the highest margins

When some products have a higher a margin than others it is key to focus on the high margin ones. With perfect controls it becomes possible to squeeze out the last drop of high value product from your CDU, VDU, FCC,….

Energy efficiency boosts the refinery margin and helps the environment

Improving energy efficiency in a refinery is very important. Less energy consumption means producing more products for the market and reduced impact on the environment.

Monitor equipment health in real time. Increase availability and save energy

Softsensors are used to compute, in real time, fouling in reactors and heat exchangers. This equipment health monitor reduces the risk for outages significantly. Running with equipment with less fouling will save millions per year on energy.

Get maximum value out of your plant

10M Euro/year

benefits from APC on a CDU unit.


reduction of emissions (CO2, NOx, Cl,..) due to optimal combustion control

1M Euro/year

energy savings when fouling of reactors and heat exchangers is detected at an early stage.

2M Euro/year

Benefits with optimal control of the utilities and steam network on a refinery

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You have the data to make critical decisions about your energy business at scale. Let us help you use to increase your refining margins and save millions.