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About us

IPCOS Worldwide

Delivering solutions from our regional offices around the globe. Working closely with our customers ensures fast delivery.

Our mission

IPCOS is a Digital Solutions and Services provider, focused on maximizing plant efficiency, increasing business productivity, and enhancing environmental sustainability, through the smart application of latest Industry 4.0 technologies. IPCOS serves a wide range of international process and allied industries such as chemicals, fertilizers, gas processing, upstream oil & gas, refining, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, power, waste and utilities. The keys to IPCOS’ success are deep process- and domain knowledge combined with extensive technology know-how. IPCOS experts provide technical consultancy and implement tailor-made solutions to enhance efficiency and speed of decision making.




Global employees

27+ years

Active in the process industry

50+ countries

Offering solutions around the globe

Realizing the digital revolution and the energy transition

The coming decades, all industrial sectors will face the challenge of further reducing carbon footprint whilst maintaining competitiveness and productivity. Further digitalization, advanced process optimization and process redesign will become a matter of survival for the process industry rather than a nice to have. With the wealth of experience which IPCOS has built up in these areas, IPCOS is ready to partner up with its customers to make this journey and realize a sustainable future.

Old and New Energy

International character and DNA

With more than 80 employees and 20 nationalities located on three continents, we are proud to be a truly international company. We bring the experts in processes, control, IT and Industry 4.0 together in one organization. This allows us to deploy multi-disciplinary teams to provide solutions that fit the needs of our customers in different locations, cultures, languages and challenges.

Proven track record

We provide solutions to the world’s toughest industrial, sometimes contradicting, demands: increasing plant productivity, reducing emissions and adapting to demand. We pride ourselves in delivering solutions that have a high user adoption across the customer organization.

Proven track record