Manufacturing Excellence Manager

Drive innovation and scale proven technologies

Achieve alignment with stakeholders and measurable progress on company level at a reasonable cost.

Align your technology with the industry’s


Think IIOT and Cloud for Rapid Digitalization

Better utilization of your company’s tools

As a technology-independent company, IPCOS has in-depth knowledge of essential IT tools and experience in integrating different applications. We will analyze your company’s available software and unlock value from the tools you’ve already paid for. We will also help you scale proven technologies to a company-wide level. 

IPCOS Case Study

Think IIOT and Cloud for Rapid Digitalization

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Apply emerging technologies to manufacturing excellence

A range of emerging technologies, such as machine learning, The Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), will require many changes and improvements in the coming years.

IPCOS can help you understand these technologies at a high level, so you can undertake technical discussions and make informed decisions. We will also help you bring business units and plant management on board, convincing them of the benefits of the proposed changes and innovations.

IPCOS Case Study

Strategies for Successful Implementation of Industry 4.0 Solutions

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Coherent approach towards high-level company improvements

Analyze current situation

Examine existing technologies, processes and practices within the organization.

Digital technology benchmarking: selecting the right set of technologies

Suggest technological improvements

Manage all technical aspects of the production for the site, utilizing industry 4.0 best practices and techniques. Ensure communication on lessons learned towards all stakeholders.

Suggest process improvements

Optimizing the production methodology within the existing technology, including design, tools, etc., regarding permanent improvement of quality, reliability, efficiency, productivity and reduction of costs company’s needs and staff’s experience.

Evaluating process efficiency and workflows with computer models and simulations.

Development and implementation

IPCOS will propose a systemic plan for introducing changes encompassing the technological landscape and the work processes. The plan will be detailed, measurable and will map the road for the project’s complete delivery.

Training and support

We provide training, coaching and guidance to ensure the program’s effectiveness. We will ensure alignment between the performance management system and the operational excellence programme on-site.


Our industry 4.0 experts can ensure the success of your digitalization program