Process Engineer

Continuous improvements based on systematic analytical methods

Identify areas for process optimization with models simulations and deep process knowledge.

Enrich the knowledge of your process engineers by utilizing IPCOS’ broad experience in core markets 

RealTime Optimization

Gain insights into reducing costs and improving production

With the assistance of simulation software, IPCOS will evaluate the efficiency of your processes and workflows to identify the most appropriate production strategies. We will share our findings with all stakeholders and help your team undertake upgrades. If necessary, we can design and implement new systems.

IPCOS Case Study

Reduction of CO2 Emissions by Implementing MPC in an Ammonia Plant

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Controlling properties with very slow dynamics using virtual analyzers and step response models

Ensure compliance with safety and quality standards

Using models and simulators, IPCOS will help you perform process simulations for troubleshooting and conducting risk assessments. To guarantee that product quality is consistent, we will develop routines based on best practices and help standardize operating instructions for existing and new processes.

IPCOS Case Study

Improving Base Layer Control Design Using Dynamic Simulation

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Designing, implementing, and optimizing your processes, step-by-step

Assess the current situation

Evaluating process efficiency and workflows with computer models and simulations. Continuous manufacturing is complex and requires constant attention to be maintained. The aim is to give you a new perception of your plant’s performance. IPCOS engineers speak the same language, understand your concerns, and bring a wealth of additional knowledge.

Develop improvement strategy

Identifying development areas, collecting ideas, designing and testing process improvements and new systems. We will discuss our findings with all concerned to determine the best roadmap for the upgrades.



IPCOS can implement solutions turnkey or support the implementation alongside in-house engineers. The progress depends entirely on your company’s needs and your staff’s experience.

Maintenance and training

The implemented solutions will require training and support in order to be accepted by the staff and to ensure the success of the implemented improvements. IPCOS can provide training, consultations and follow-up to maintain the optimizations of the continuous manufacturing process.


Discover how optimization and advanced control solutions can maximize ROI for your plant.