Sustainability Manager 

Achieve sustainability alongside continued economic growth

Enhance sustainability through emission monitoring, process optimization and increased efficiency of your industrial activities

Identify areas to reduce the environmental impact of your operations


Drive enhanced sustainability

IPCOS can help you set guidelines that govern the interplay between your company and the surrounding environment. Collaborating with all departments, we will establish environmental conservation goals, then assist you in achieving them.

IPCOS Case Study

Reduction of CO2 Emissions by Implementing MPC in an Ammonia Plant

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Understand your true environmental impact

By providing you with the necessary data, you will develop further transparency of the actual environmental impact of your company, from plant to corporate level.

We can then prepare recommendations for modifications of CO2 reporting, process performance, consumption of resources and set guidelines for improvements. Finally, we will help you ensure that your company is compliant with all environmental legislation.

IPCOS Case Study

AptiTune – PID Tuning on Steam Network

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Helping sustainability managers decrease the environmental impact of their companies, step by step

Define sustainability goals

IPCOS approaches sustainability bottom-up – from the equipment and process angle – all the way to administrative staff and corporate level.

Asses data availability

Assess data availability

In the industrial domain, data can sometimes be unstructured, missing or even corrupt. IPCOS can cleanse and organize it, measuring against specifically defined standards – “data quality dimensions”. Those standards provide objective criteria for data quality and usability.

Digital technology benchmarking: Prototyping the solution

Implement advanced technology

By implementing digital technology, including advanced reporting, modelling and optimization solutions, we will reduce your company’s environmental impact according to the predetermined sustainability goals and KPIs.nd support.


Follow-up and support

IPCOS will ensure all departments receive the necessary support through the different stages of implementing the improvement plan.


Our industry 4.0 experts can ensure the success of your digitalization program