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Industry 4.0 Consulting

Top industry 4.0 experts ensure the success of your digitalization program

Years of experience helping major process companies give IPCOS’ experts the edge in maximizing your business impact

Achieve digital excellence…

… avoid the pitfalls

Digital transformation promises exciting possibilities for the process industry, from optimizing your operations to upgrading your business model. Nevertheless, over-promise and hype make it difficult to distinguish between nice to have and need to have. Once the value proposition is well understood, breaking down silos in the organization and ensuring company-wide adoption of the new solutions become the next challenge, requiring proven approaches to successful change management.

IPCOS offers the unique multi-disciplinary profile of “digital engineer”—an expert who holds a masters degree in engineering and who also can take a leadership role within both business and digital entities. Read the case below to see how IPCOS leverages its digital engineers to ensure success for its customers.

Industry 4.0 Consulting: Achieve digital excellence and avoid the pitfalls with Industry 4.0 consulting

Our services

Digital architecture consulting: Increase efficiency with a plant-level data lake

Digital Architecture Consulting

Realistic, yet ambitious, approaches will ensure your digital transformation delivers on its promises.

Digital technology benchmarking: selecting the right set of technologies

Digital Technology Benchmarking

IPCOS’ experts help select the most appropriate software solutions for your specific situation

End-to-end value


Reduction of CO2 emissions by implementing MPC in an ammonia plant.


Reduction of CO2 emissions by implementing MPC in an ammonia plant.


Reduction of CO2 emissions by implementing MPC in an ammonia plant.


Reduction of CO2 emissions by implementing MPC in an ammonia plant.

Enabling your digital transformation

Read in our cases how we solve our customers’ greatest challenges

Make the right technology choices

At IPCOS, we invest continuously in our technology lab, in order to stay on top of all market-leading software in the manufacturing industry—so we can help you find the best fit-for-purpose solutions.

Identify and articulate the digital value proposition

Cut through the buzzwords, validate your vision with technical experts, and craft a strong digital transformation program that is easily understood and will be appreciated by all stakeholders.

Get buy-in from the plants

Developing digital opportunities that busy personnel can embrace requires spending time on the shop floor, in order to tailor solutions to their day-to-day routines and develop local digital champions.

Help in promoting your digital initiative

For digital programs to succeed, internal and external promotion are essential components to align stakeholders, convince users, and generate enthusiasm within your organization.

A partner that delivers reliably

IPCOS has a strong and experienced delivery and support team that can bring to reality the digital vision crafted through our consultancy.

Flexible and adaptable

At IPCOS, we care about making an impact on your business, no matter the preferred delivery model—whether end-to-end projects, business-as-a-service, call-off contracts, or integrated project resources

 Successfully implement your industry 4.0 strategy

Let the technical experts at IPCOS help validate your vision for a company-wide digital transformation, and then ensure success by finding, pinpointing, benchmarking, and deploying fit-for-purpose sustainable solutions that enable new workflows and capabilities from the factory floor to the top floor.

Strategies for Successful Implementation of Industry 4.0 Solutions

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Our industry 4.0 experts can ensure the success of your digitalization program

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