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Data Management Services

Bring the right information to the right place at the right time.

Efficiently harness the quantum leap in data generated throughout your organization to streamline and optimize your processes.

What is Data Management?

Delivering value through data

Digital transformation has vastly increased the data available for operational analytics, empowering organizations to improve every line of business. However, this data is scattered throughout the organization in silos, preventing the automated collaboration necessary to ensure competitiveness.

The digital experts at IPCOS can develop a data integration layer that is core to your business processes and supports data sharing across the company. This involves structuring your data using standardized templates for each unit, asset, and piece of equipment, defining a semantic data model with a hierarchy that allows easy access, and integrating all data sources into a unified model that makes the data readily available from the top floor to the shop floor.

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Create competitive advantage by contextualizing your data

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Data Management Services

End-to-end value


less time spent by engineers/scientists/analysts searching for and cleansing data


reuse of applications between assets, leveraging a consistent data architecture


less errors in KPI reports due to structured and validated data management strategy

Enable company-wide integrated data access and display

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A global asset model

A global asset model

Using the OSIsoft asset framework (AF), IPCOS experts can develop a model to connect diverse data sources with a single point of access for all your operational information.

Find the data you need

Find the data you need

IPCOS software engineers can develop a logical structure and hierarchy for your data that enables referencing, along with caching to limit load on source databases.

Templated calculations and displays

Templated calculations and displays

We develop and apply a templated structure to all your data, allowing templated calculations and displays that can be accessed and manipulated from a variety of devices.

A global asset model to manage all your data

IPCOS has extensive experience designing and implementing data service
layers which serve data to analytics models, visualization layers, and reporting engines. With a single point of access, data from multiple sources becomes quickly and easily available throughout the organization.

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