09/11/2021 17h00 CET

Webinar: MES and BI in the Cloud? A technology-independent perspective for the chemical industry

Traditionally, chemical plants use MES platforms for monitoring, including enterprise data historians, trending solutions and advanced alarming engines. Excel sheets or, recently, BI tools complement this real-time infrastructure for reporting and visualization of integrated data.

The shift towards cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS puts the traditional architectures with MES and Excel or BI into question, as the overlap is supposedly significant.

Presenter: Filip Stroobant, Business Unit manager Digital Assets. He started his career at IPCOS almost 20 years ago and has been involved with digital programs in the process industry ever since. With vast experience in implementing and managing digital projects with large international companies, his main areas of expertise are data management, data analytics and model-based surveillance. Filip holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and Financial Economics.

In this webinar, IPCOS will help you navigate these developments and share its insights on the topic.

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