Data Scientist

Get the best value from your data with AI and machine learning

Use a diverse set of tools to reveal patterns, build predictions and gain insights to make informed decisions

Enhance the structure, increase the availability and improve the quality of your data

bridge between data science and stakeholders

Build a bridge between data science and stakeholders

IPCOS’ involvement in any data analytics projects will de-risk them by making the solutions robust, scalable and supportable. We will identify the relevant data sources and provide data integration between operations, engineering and management.

IPCOS Case Study

INCA Discovery : A Sophisticated New Software Package for Constrained Linear Model Identification

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Analytics and Modeling: the best modeling approach

Develop custom data analytics applications

IPCOS specializes in deploying advanced analytical applications and making them robust for day-to-day operations. We will add the right domain expertise, and if required, we can use commercial technology platforms combined with open-source languages such as R or Python.

IPCOS Case Study

The Development and Application of Real-time Deep Learning Models to Drive Directional Drilling Efficiency

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Analyze, process, and model data to create actionable plans

Identify opportunities

Recognizing areas in the industrial domain where advanced data analytics can make a difference.

Asses data availability

Assess data availability

In the industrial domain, data can sometimes be unstructured, missing or even corrupt. IPCOS can cleanse and organize it, measuring against specifically defined standards – “data quality dimensions”. Those standards provide objective criteria for data quality and usability.

Design data infrastructure

Design data infrastructure

Deploying new data technologies alongside legacy infrastructure to provide data integration and support.


Develop analytical models

Deriving, building and testing a model fitting the desired criteria and validating it against actual operating conditions to ensure robustness and viability.

Automated reporting: Effortlessly available KPI’s

Implementation of the analytical model

Deployment of the application into the target sites and integrating the new technology in the current work practices with minimum disruption to users and processes.


Training and support

Training users on the new technology and workflows to ensure proper adoption and change management.


Our industry 4.0 experts can ensure the success of your digitalization program