Production Engineer

Enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations

Design automated workflows to improve well performance and facility management for the oil and gas production.

Focus on real production matters, rather than manual data gathering or model updating

Real-Time Optimization of an Integrated Gas System

The right data at the right time

Monitor well performance, artificial lift performance, short-term production forecasting, production allocation and flow assurance via custom-created dashboards. Get real-time reporting to make the most of your current operation.

IPCOS Case Study

Successful Real-time Optimization of a Highly Complex Integrated Gas System Intelligent Energy in the Real World

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Proces modeling: Simulation models plant layout changes

Leveraging integrated asset models

By using integrated asset models you can construct automated workflows to support your key activities. Automated workflows will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your production engineering and save time on manual model updating.

IPCOS Case Study

Practical Staged Implementation of Digital Field with Short Term Benefits

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Reduce manual work with automated model based workflows

Exception-Based Surveillance – Integrating Well Models, Real Time Production Estimates and Hydrocarbon Accounting Tool

Define goals and KPIs

Evaluate the activities related to the production of the reservoir and the wellbore and define challenges.

Think IIOT and Cloud for Rapid Digitalization

Assess practices and technologies

Capture current end-to-end practices. Identify steps in the surveillance, allocation and optimization process that are time-consuming and ineffective.

Digital technology benchmarking: selecting the right set of technologies

Present improvement plan

Propose a proper digital architecture to improve the efficiency of the production engineering workflows. Identify automated workflows combining data, models and human interactions.

What makes successful monitoring and alarming strategies?

Implement automated workflows

Design and implement data structures, models and visualization to support the production engineering user group’s overall activities.

Production monitoring: Ensure Plant availability and reliability

Training and support

Train users on the new technology and workflows to ensure proper technology adoption and change management.


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