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Monitoring & Alarming

Get full visibility of operations for timely decision making

Stay on top of your operations, get alerts to the right people at the right time, and ensure world-class OEE

Monitoring and Alarming

What makes successful monitoring and alarming strategies?

We can help you ensure the highest availability and performance of your plant, by accurately monitoring the performance of the equipment and identifying exceptions automatically. In some more advanced cases, model-based monitoring solutions can detect anomalies early to trigger corrective action or maintenance avoiding unplanned shutdowns.

For alarming systems to be effective, it is imperative that operators are only exposed to relevant alarms and do not get flooded with redundant or false alarms. This significantly reduces the risk of unplanned shutdowns resulting from operational upsets.  In more advanced cases, alarming systems may even suggest potential actions and assign them to the correct stakeholders.

Monitoring and Alarming

Our services

Performance monitoring: Improve OEE by involving site personnel

Performance Monitoring

Stay ahead of the competition with minute-by-minute plant performance insights—anytime, anywhere

Production monitoring: Ensure Plant availability and reliability

Production Monitoring

Achieve higher production margins and consistent quality with fewer staff hours and less downtime.

Emissions monitoring: Meet all emissions requirements

Emissions Monitoring

Meet environmental goals by tracking and reporting emissions & targets.


Alarm Management

Benchmark your alarm situation and then develop an alarm management philosophy document tailored from best-practice templates with buy-in from process engineers, operators, and controls staff.

End-to-end value


Increased productivity


Reduced downtime and losses


Increased asset lifetime

Benefits of advanced monitoring and alarming

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Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Continuously and automatically scan each data point to detect patterns that until now have been spotted by operators and engineers—freeing up valuable time to solve issues and drive continuous improvement

Reduced losses and downtime

Reduced losses and downtime

Detecting or predicting issues in a timely way dramatically reduces unexpected losses, and beyond that, our system can automatically qualify losses, enabling sustainable improvements.

Longer lifetime of your assets

Longer lifetime of your assets

Our monitoring solutions ensure that critical equipment is maintained within its optimal operating envelope, leading to increased lifetime, optimized energy consumption, and minimized emissions.

Discover how IPCOS can help to optimization your controls and unit operations

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