IT Manager

Digital transformation with minimal in-house IT effort

Achieve data integration and contextualization via secure digital architecture

Bridge the gap between IT and operations

Establish secure digital architecture (IoT/Cloud)

IPCOS can provide a roadmap to users outside the plants – business users, top management, etc. – towards the existing process data currently exclusive to operators. We will grant access and add context, meaning and structure to allow for better data analytics and decision-making.

IPCOS Case Study

Think IIOT and Cloud for Rapid Digitalization

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IT Minimize license cost. Development Engineer Working on Computer, Designing Motherboard, Doing Maintenance of Devices

Minimize license cost

With in-depth knowledge of essential IT tools and experience in integrating different applications (including traditional MES and Cloud technologies), IPCOS can help consolidate your license agreements.
By being technology-independent, we can analyze the available software in your company and suggest changes and consolidations to minimize the expense.

IPCOS Case Study

Strategies for Successful Implementation of Industry 4.0 Solutions

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Utilize the wealth of knowledge in your company’s data

RealTime Optimization

Analyze current situation

Examining the variety of structured and unstructured data stored in large volumes on different servers within the organization.

Identify opportunities. Relaxed informal IT company meeting.

Validate business requirements

IPCOS will look into different options of what Cloud Data and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have to offer. We will help you select a management platform that provides the scalability and flexibility needed to analyze large volumes of data in real-time.

Data Management Services

Implement strategy

Extract and consolidate the existing data into one easy-to-access and manageable structure. Historize, enrich and create context using Cloud Data lakes.

Training and support

Build data analytics roadmap. Assist users in integrating the new data structure into their work routine.


Our industry 4.0 experts can ensure the success of your digitalization program