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Increase profit with advanced cost-effective optimization and process control solutions

Reduce energy consumption, increase throughput and improve quality in your petrochemical plants

Given ever-changing quality constraints, raw material variability, environmental regulations, etc., maintaining the optimal operating conditions is a daily challenge. IPCOS control and data analytics solutions help customers meet these requirements and sustain them for years to come.

Reduce CO2 emissions to stay under strict threshold levels

Implementing an Advanced Process Control application on furnaces reduced fuel gas consumption by 11%, resulting in a 12% reduction in CO2 emissions. Implemented automated emissions monitoring solutions compliant with the latest European norms, ensured perfect compliance with the regulations.

Optimize product quality with a virtual analyzer

For many processes a soft sensor to estimate concentrations can be developed correlating process variables with lab results. Virtual analyzers used as part of an APC system control the quality on a second or minute basis.

Improve production uptime and process stability

Well designed APC systems will control your plant in a smooth way. Advanced analytics techniques (APM) guarantees the health of the equipment and continuous performance monitoring (OEE) reduces losses. The combination results in optimal performance during long run lengths on plants with a maximal lifetime.

Get maximum value out of your plant


Plant throughput increase


Specific Energy reduction

up to 10%

Reduction of emissions

10M US$

Total benefit from Ethylene cracker APC

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Discover how optimization and advanced control solutions can maximize ROI for your petrochemical plant.