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Real-time optimization

Automatically determine and maintain your true optimal operating point.

Maximize asset performance by increasing production, minimizing operating costs, and reducing energy consumption.

What is Real-time Optimization?

Optimizing plant operations

Shell Malaysia E&P has conducted on the Integrated Gas Production System in Sarawak, implementing models for real-time monitoring and optimization of wells and facilities on a gas production network spanning more than 100 wells on more than 40 platforms across a number of different Production Sharing Contracts (PSCs).

We highlight how Digital Oil Field (DOF) practices enable field-based data to be turned into information, support decision making, and lead to actions that ensure production is optimized continuously.

Real-time monitoring and optimization of wells and facilities

Our services

Integrated asset modeling: Minimize Manual Data Processing

Integrated Asset Modeling

Cost-effective integration of GAP, MBAL and PROSPER to maximize production across multiple assets.

Process Modeling Predicts Safety Margins

Process Modeling

Turnkey models provide in-depth intelligence for improved analysis, troubleshooting, and operation

Digital architecture consulting: Increase efficiency with a plant-level data lake

Digital Architecture Consulting

Realistic, yet ambitious, approaches will ensure your digital transformation delivers on its promises.

Performance monitoring: Improve OEE by involving site personnel

Performance Monitoring

Stay ahead of the competition with minute-by-minute plant performance insights—anytime, anywhere


Advanced Process Control

APC systems maintain your operation at the optimal operating point. APC improves product yield, maximizes throughput, increases your plant’s efficiency under varying feedstock quality and operating conditions.

Soft sensing: Revamp of inferential models for distillation column

Soft Sensing

Models based on historical data convert measurements such as temperature, pressure and flow rate to predict variations in production qualities. Softsensor output are used in control to optimize production.

End-to-end value


Improved energy efficiency


Product yield improvement

Enable continuous optimization

Get the most out of your asset by continuously optimizing the operating point, considering all non-linear relationships in your process.

Improve asset performance

Maximize asset performance

Get the most out of your asset by continuously optimizing the operating point, considering all non-linear relationships in your process.

Double-up the model value

Double-up the model value

Use your RTO model offline to analyze bottlenecks, run what-if scenarios, and improve process understanding.

Sustain the value from an RTO application

Sustain the value from an RTO application

Modeling and process experts from IPCOS can help develop, calibrate, and maintain the RTO application to protect your investment in the long-term.

Build low-maintenance, focused RTO applications

IPCOS aims at building RTO applications with the right balance of rigorous and data-driven models, to keep the cost of application maintenance low, and to keep the benefits from the RTO application high

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Discover how IPCOS can help to optimization your controls and unit operations

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