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Optimize quality, productivity, and flexibility in your batch processing plant

Increase competitiveness by optimizing complex operations and supply chain. Deliver measurable improvements.

As a technology independent service provider, IPCOS can help design, install, implement, and maintain integrated digital solutions and process controls for your batch processing plants. Get the flexibility you need to serve your customers, while maintaining the highest level of quality and productivity.

Enhance flexibility with automated recipe management

From order to delivery, IPCOS can help maximize your plant’s profitability with intelligent planning, scheduling, and production systems that optimize processes, assets, and raw materials.

Maximize your plant’s capacity with integrated planning & forecasting

IPCOS can help upgrade your plant performance with integrated company wide data architecture for modeling, analytics, and orchestrating of business processes to take advantage of available opportunities.

More consistent quality with optimal control

Keeping operating parameters closer to the golden batch profiles during the full batch run is one of the most important factors to boost quality and consistency. This will reduce the need for blending or reduce the amount of waste product.

Get maximum value out of your plant


OEE increase

> 50%

Reduction of plant outages due to thermal stress

up to 15%

batch time reduction

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