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Analytics & Modeling

Modeling and analytics solutions for higher plant efficiency and sustainability

Selecting and implementing the right modeling approaches to provide solutions and support your digital transformation.

Analytics and Modeling

The best modeling approach

Enabling advanced levels of automation and optimization as part of your digital program heavily depends on selecting the appropriate modeling approach. Depending on the model purpose, the available data and the characteristics of the underlying process, rigorous, data-driven or hybrid modeling approaches can be selected.

IPCOS will at all times consider the simplicity, the effectiveness and maintainability of the various modeling approaches to come up with the best approach for a particular use case.

Download our whitepaper to read about how a Realtime Optimization application is generating benefits on top of an advanced process control application, by capturing the non-linearities of the process and determining the most optimal operating point.

Analytics and Modeling

Our services

Process Modeling Predicts Safety Margins

Process Modeling

Turnkey models provide in-depth intelligence for improved analysis, troubleshooting, and operation

Integrated asset modeling: Minimize Manual Data Processing

Integrated Asset Modeling

Cost-effective integration of GAP, MBAL and PROSPER to maximize production across multiple assets.


Machine Learning & Data Science

Data-driven models identify hidden patterns that can lead to increased quality and predictability.

Soft sensing: Revamp of inferential models for distillation column

Soft Sensing

Models based on historical data convert measurements such as temperature, pressure and flow rate to predict variations in production qualities. Softsensor output are used in control to optimize production.

End-to-end value


reduction of CO2 emissions


higher revenue due to optimized efficiency

Driving value with Analytics and Modeling

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Better understand your process

Better understand your process

Gain better insight into your plant operations by analyzing all historical and real-time data to identify handles for efficiency, throughput or quality.

Infer process parameters

Infer process parameters

Develop virtual analyzers that give real-time estimates on process characteristics which are not measured directly with sensors or online analyzers.

Understand process interactions

Understand process interactions

Use thermo-hydraulic fluid models of reservoirs, wells and surface facilities, to simulate interactions between reservoirs, wells and topsides.

Minimize energy use

Minimize energy use

Machine learning models use data science methods to identify hidden patterns, which can be used to design new procedures and controls systems leading to reduced energy use.

Maximize plant efficiency

Maximize plant efficiency

Turnkey process models allow targeted simulations to gain in-depth intelligence for improved analysis, troubleshooting, and operational procedures to drive efficiency.

Optimizing equipment performance and plant operations

IPCOS excels in the art of extracting actionable insight from raw data, understanding their added value, and applying it in practical applications. We combine deep experience in processes, computer engineering, and data analytics to capture, cleanse, prepare, and analyze data to optimize your operations.

Soft sensor predicts sulfur dew point, used by APC to minimize energy required for desulfurization.

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Simulation models plant layout changes to improve control structures and ensure a smooth transition.

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Integrated asset model using Petex suite automates data processing, increases operational accuracy.

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