Performance Monitoring

Track, visualize and optimize performance in real time

Stay ahead of the competition with minute-by-minute plant performance insights—anytime, anywhere.

Helping plant managers meet their performance targets

At IPCOS, our digital manufacturing experts can provide OEE solutions, electronic shift books, and other tools for optimizing daily performance from a human and automation point of view

Continuously monitor critical system efficiencies

Continuously monitor critical system efficiencies

Apply the OEE methodology in a fully automated way on all critical systems, with a user-friendly solution allowing for accurate loss categorization leading to tangible improvements.

Identify deviations from expected performance

Identify deviations from expected performance

Detect abnormal operating modes in real-time, raise early alarms, and proactively manage equipment lifetime on heat exchangers, reactors, furnaces, etc., as well as rotating equipment

Get full performance visibility by integrating all your data

Get full performance visibility by integrating all your data

IPCOS integrates all your plant data sources (MES, LIMS, ERP, CMMS, etc.) to provide a single point of truth for fully integrated analysis and improvement at the plant and office levels

Improved OEE by involving site personnel

Beyond simply implementing an OEE tool, IPCOS has ensured that the site personnel has been fully embarked in the approach, leading to real efficiency gains rather than simply a KPI.

Performance monitoring: Improve OEE by involving site personnel
Company wide heat exchanger monitoring

Company-wide heat exchanger monitoring

Streaming analytics implemented at the scale of a major petrochemical company has allowed for the simultaneous monitoring of 1000’s of heat exchanger, leading to very significant energy consumption decrease.

End-to-end value


Increase in OEE


Decrease in energy consumption


Increase in equipment lifetime

Other services

What makes successful monitoring and alarming strategies?

Monitoring & Alarming

Automate data gathering and processing to maintain real-time parameters within the operating envelope of each asset. Minimize emissions, increase plant safety, and reduce alarm rates and shutdowns.

Data Management Services

Data Management Services

Efficiently harness the quantum leap in data generated throughout your organization to streamline and optimize your processes.

Analytics and Modeling: the best modeling approach

Analytics & Modeling

With deep experience in industrial processes, modeling, and analytics, let IPCOS help develop innovative solutions to your most difficult problems, bringing them to success on the plant floor.

Automated reporting: Effortlessly available KPI’s

Automated Reporting

Allow personnel to focus on high added value tasks and leave the report generation to automated systems.

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