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Advanced Process Control

Optimize your plant’s efficiency, product quality, and yield with APC

Advanced control reduces variations and maintains your plant at the optimal operating point.

Optimize product yield and quality

Advanced Process Control systems maintain your operation at the optimal operating point by adjusting the key setpoints in real time to improve product yield, and maximize throughput. Increase your plant’s efficiency, reliability, and productivity for varying feedstock quality and operating conditions.

Increase product quality

Reduce variations in product quality

Automatically calculate product quality minute by minute and adjust key process parameters to maintain the optimal quality at all times.

Increase plant profitability

Increase profitability by optimizing yields

An APC application customized to your operation can run parameters closer to the limits for maximum production rate, without affecting quality.

Reduce operator interventions, risk, and downtime

Reduce risk of human error

APC increases automation and reduces risk by reducing the chance for operator error, resulting in fewer unplanned shutdowns.

Meet ever-tightening environmental constraints

Reduce emissions of CO2, SO2, NOx, nitrous oxide, methane, and other pollutants by minimizing fuel consumption and controlling methane slip.

IPCOS Case Study

Reduction of CO2 emissions by implementing MPC in an ammonia plant

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Advanced Process Control (APC): Reduction of CO2 emissions
APC: Optimize steam network power generation

Optimize steam network power generation

Multivariable controller configuration was implemented on cogeneration boilers, steam turbines and auxiliary boilers, to minimize fuel consumption and optimize both steam production & power generation.

IPCOS Case Study

Steam network optimisation at Raffineria di Milazzo achieves significant savings

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Reduce variability in VGO cloud point

An inferential expression for the cloud point was developed and used in an Advanced Process Control application to maximize VGO product while keeping its cloud point within specification.

IPCOS Case Study

Vacuum Gasoil Cloud Point Model Predictive Controller

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Advanced process contro (APC): Reduce variability in VGO cloud point
Implement APC: Maximize the yield of more valuable distillates

Maximize the yield of more valuable distillates

 Implementation of APC on a hydrocracker unit delivered both tangible benefits, in terms of a significant increase in the yield of more valuable products, and intangible, in terms of stability.

IPCOS Case Study

Implementing Advanced Process Control on Hydrocracker Unit

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End-to-end value


Increase in throughput


Energy reduction

2-9 months

Typical pay-back time for an APC implementation


CO2 emission reduction.

Other services

PID Control

PID Control & Tuning

Optimal base layer control starts with a good control design. Then tune all the PID loops such that every single loop in your plant is in auto mode and keeps all your process parameters at the desired setpoint 24/7.

Soft sensing: Revamp of inferential models for distillation column

Soft Sensing

Models based on historical data convert measurements such as temperature, pressure and flow rate to predict variations in production qualities. Softsensor output are used in control to optimize production.

Real-time monitoring and optimization of wells and facilities

Real-time Optimization

Generate benefits on top of an advanced process control application, by capturing the non-linearities of the process and determining the most optimal operating point, in closed loop.


Alarm Management

Benchmark your alarm situation and then develop an alarm management philosophy document tailored from best-practice templates with buy-in from process engineers, operators, and controls staff.

Discover how an APC application from IPCOS helps you optimize your processes and profitability.

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