PID tuning is often considered an “art”. Control engineers iterate on the tuning of a loop based on experience and trial and error. APC software is a great tool to generate more value from your existing assets. The PID Tuning software and APC software by IPCOS make sure you generate maximum value from process control.

IPCOS offers two PID tuning tools: INCA PID Tuner  and INCA Aptitune .  INCA PID Tuner is the easy-to-use PID loop tuner that allows you to tune your single PID loops quickly and efficiently.  INCA Aptitune is the advanced PID tuning tool that allows for complete cascade loop tuning with one push of the button, and multivariable loop tuning, taking into account the interactions between individual PID loops.  INCA AptiTune Go has all the capabilities of INCA AptiTune but on a Pay-as-you-go basis. For a more detailed description of the products, click on the relevant links below.

IPCOS offers a complete suite of APC software tools, including INCA MPC , the state-of-the-art APC suite, and INCA Sensor , the virtual analyzer (aka inferential) package.  These tools allow quick and easy implementation of complete APC solutions, with a low total cost of ownership.  Click on the relevant link below to find a more detailed description of the products.