Inca Sensor Turning process measurements like temperatures, pressures and flows into online calculated quality measurements provides a very efficient and low cost way of getting a better grip on the quality of your products.

These virtual analysers, also known as inferred quality estimators or simply inferentials are typically updated by laboratory results to account for process drifts or e.g. by changes in feed materials.

INCA Sensor is the technology of choice to develop and deploy these inferentials.

The offline component guides the user through the steps of developing the inferential based on historical data from process measurements, online analyzer results (if available) and/or laboratory data.

The online component connects to the DCS and LIMS systems through industry-standard OPC, allowing to put the inferential calculations online, providing the operator with real time information on product qualities.

INCA Sensor provides the following capabilities:

  • Easy import of continuous and discrete (lab-sample) data
  • Wide range of powerful techniques available for input selection, to develop the most robust inferentials
  • Easy connection to the DCS and LIMS systems through OPC
  • Configurable update techniques including validation steps
  • Automated integrity checks including spike detection, freeze detection, and lab update time-outs

Take a look at our case studies for some excellent examples. Visit our Youtube channel to watch the demo.

No access to YouTube? Download/stream the workflow demo here  (MP4 format, HD, 30MB)