PID Tuner

PID Tuner

PID tuningA majority of control engineers in the industry is still doing PID tuning by “trial and error”, based on experience. This inevitably leads to inconsistent and sub-optimal results.

INCA PID Tuner brings structure to the process of PID tuning. It takes the user by the hand and guides him through the steps of PID tuning, following a best-practice methodology and creating consistent, robust results.

INCA PID Tuner is the perfect tool for the control engineer with limited experience, to get optimal tuning results very quickly.
Why use INCA PID Tuner to fine-tune your PID loops?

  • INCA PID Tuner allows you to input data via an OPC server linked to your DCS/PLC, or import data via file (many file formats are supported)
  • Reduce the impact of disturbances on your process: stabilize your plant operation
  • Reduce the number of alarms: improved stability leads to a reduction in alarms
  • Obtain better quality control: stability in operation leads to more consistent product quality
  • Reduce manual operation: In many plants more than 30% of the PID loops are kept in manual, so plant operators have to spend significant time manually adjusting for changes in plant conditions
  • Reduce transition times between operating points
  • Tune your controllers “First time right

Take a look at our case studies to see some excellent examples, or click here to see a demo of INCA PID Tuner in action. Visit our Youtube channel to watch our recorded Webinars.

No access to YouTube? Download/stream the workflow demo here (MP4 format, HD 24 MB)

For complex loops in highly interacting systems, the multivariable PID tuning tool INCA Aptitune is the right tool.