MPCAPT Advanced Process Control (APC) or Model Predictive Control (MPC) is widely used throughout the process industry to maximize the performance of plants, delivering higher throughput at improved efficiencies, with lower energy consumption, and reduced emissions.

APC solutions create value by continuously optimizing the key process parameters online, closed loop, keeping the plant in the most economical operating point every minute, 24/7.  To be able to do that, the underlying APC technology needs to be able to predict the plant behavior, account for plant disturbances, and be able to incorporate plant constraints.

INCA MPC is the APC technology that allows operating companies to generate sustained benefits with high ROI and with a low Total Cost of Ownership, capable of handling applications ranging in scope from one single distillation column to a full ethylene plant.

INCA MPC comprises a suite of tools that allow the easy development and deployment of an APC application:

  • MPCAPT2INCA Acquire: quick and easy tool to start data collection from your DCS
  • INCA Discovery: modeling package that allows you to build dynamic models based on plant data, with the ability to include a-priori knowledge about the process in the identification cases (for example: known gain ratios, known delays, etc)
  • INCA Engine: the online APC engine that optimizes your plant operation on a minute-to-minute basis
  • INCA Calc: the configurable calculation engine, allowing to implement custom calculations in a structured way
  • INCA Webviewer: the web-based operator and engineer interface to the control application. Access and authorization levels are role-based and fully configurable

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