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AptiTune & AptiTune Go

click here to go to AptiTune Go WebshopINCA AptiTune specializes in the tuning of PID loops in complex processes where interactions between the various PID loops are significant. Interactive loops can cause the tuning on one PID loop to change the performance of other loops. Even a mode change (e.g. from AUTO to MANUAL) on one of the interacting loops might render one of the other loops to become unstable. A 3 x 3 tuning challenge can have up to 15 parameters to adjust, each parameter affecting the response of every loop.

INCA AptiTune Go has all the capabilities of INCA AptiTune but on a Pay-as-you-go basis. This tool will be released in February 2018.

INCA AptiTune and INCA AptiTune Go provide the following capabilities:Tuning PID loops

  • Input data via an OPC server  (AptiTune only) linked to your DCS/PLC, or import data via file (many file formats are supported) (AptiTune and AptiTune Go)
  • Ensure a smooth learning curve: the high quality Graphical User Interface makes it very obvious what user decisions are required, while providing sophisticated analysis tools to help the user understand the impact of controller design decisions
  • An easy and reliable way to tune cascade loops with one click on a button
  • An easy and reliable way to simultaneously tune PID loops that “fight” each other
  • PID definition and tuning: the user can optimise not only Proportional, Integral, and Derivative terms, but also Setpoint Filter and Derivative Filter as required. The user can pick the best PID equation available as part of the design process.
  • Visualization and Simulation: setpoint changes, load disturbances, noise simulation, and the robustness of tuning can all be visualized and simulated to intuitively understand the effectiveness of the new tuning.

A comparison of the functionalities both software packages



Purchase hours to use INCA AptiTune Go:

  • Rate: 75 Euro/hour (excl. taxes)
  • Minimum amount per purchase: 8 hours
  • Payment with Credit Cards and Wire transfer
  • First purchase: 2 hours for free extra (will be added automatically to the time tracking system)
  • Important Notice: Purchased hours will expire 6 months after purchase date

You can already have a look at the Manual and the Tutorial. These documents are provided to support evaluating and using INCA AptiTune and INCA AptiTune Go. All other uses of these documents, including redistributing and copying, without prior written permission of Ipcos B.V. is strictly prohibited.

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A white paper is available for download explaining AptiTune and AptiTune Go in more detail. Take a look at our case studies to see some excellent examples. Visit our Youtube channel to watch our recorded Webinars (e.g. AptiTune Go webinar) or a full demo of AptiTune and an introduction video on AptiTune Go.

No access to YouTube? Download/stream the workflow demo here (MP4 format, HD 24 MB)

view a demo on how to use AptiTune to tune a cascading loop.