Digital Oil Field supportDespite successful delivery of the technology and adequate training provided during the initial project phase, the departure of key individuals or sudden changes in the production environment may trigger a deterioration of technology uptake and consequently a significant reduction in value brought by the DOF solution.

To counter these potential risks, IPCOS offers a Digital Oilfield support service which goes well beyond ‘traditional’ support.


Reactive support

Digital Oil Field reactive support

Our reactive support covers all necessary corrective actions, and remediation of “broken” systems.


The users are unable to use the system’s functionality partially or in full. A ticket will be prepared to define the situation, its complexity, including a resolution plan and timeline for completion.

Proactive quality assurance

Digital Oil Field proactive quality assurance

IPCOS offers weekly proactive monitoring of KPIs and the distribution of health reports. In addition, monthly (virtual) stakeholder engagements, for discussion of KPIs and performance of the system, can be organised.


An annual review of the solution’s functionality versus the business processes & objectives is carried out on-site. Simultaneously, new personnel can be on-boarded.

Evergreening the DOF solution

Digital Oil Field upgrades

One key principle in real time, online systems is to “always keep them up-to-date, or don’t bother”. This is no different for DOF implementations.


Evergreening the solution consists in continuously applying small configuration changes to keep the system in line with the user’s expectations and desires. Patches or minor upgrades of applications are applied in the solution as they become available.