Digital Oil Field implementationFor IPCOS, the Digital Oilfield implementation phase is not only the deployment of the developed and configured solution, it is the best opportunity for deeply embedding the solution into your day-to-day operations, and establishing privileged contact with the engineers who will be the end users of the solution.

Therefore, all our deployments are executed by skilled domain experts, petroleum, chemical or electrical engineers. They deploy the solution with the business challenges in mind, ensure the training of their peers and remain available for support.


Digital Oil Field integration

The DOF projects are by definition an integration challenge. Data has to flow to the engineering models, be processed automatically, and finally be visualized. Many tools from different vendors are involved, and in brown fields, these new tools have to co-exist nicely with the legacy systems.


IPCOS has a broad experience in establishing connections between software packages, data sources, enterprise platforms, etc., always ensuring that you make the most out of your technology stack.



Digital Oil Field training

IPCOS provides training on specific tools and on the integrated solution, made out of different vendor’s packages. The training sessions are given by experienced and skilled engineers, who understand the day-to-day challenges that the end-users are facing.


IPCOS offers a range of trainings in different languages, covering end-user training as well as system administrator training.





Digital Oil Field deployment

Our best qualified engineers are travelling to locations all around the world to deploy the DOF systems, and to ensure that the solution is delivered to customer satisfaction.


These engineers typically remain available for further support after the deployment, ensuring that a personal contact is established, and guaranteeing that our customers have a dedicated IPCOS consultant they can turn to.