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Digital Oil Field consultancySuccess and failure of Digital Oilfield projects is mainly determined at an early stage, and usually before the implementation of the actual systems. Accurately capturing the needs of the business and developing a design and implementation plan that suits these needs, is the most important part of a Digital Oilfield program.

IPCOS has acquired considerable experience in Digital Oilfield consultancy, by working for several international and national oil companies. Throughout the years we have developed a profound knowledge on what makes a program a success, and what are the pitfalls to avoid at any cost. We can cover multiple aspects of a DOF program, from change management to technology stack definition, business processes mapping, and staff training.


Digital Oil Field strategy

Implementing a DOF system is quite a disruptive exercise. Successful projects have a very clear vision of the end result as well as of the path to achieve such end goal. Through its extensive experience in the DOF niche market, IPCOS is the right partner to ensure that all aspects of the DOF implementation are covered from day one. IPCOS also offers a proven project execution methodology, ensuring that the project follows a defined roadmap and is kept under tight control at every step. 


Digital Oil Field tools

While the tooling is not the primary factor defining the success of a project, it is definitely an essential element to it.


IPCOS constantly scans the market for available DOF tools through its technology watch program. Our technology experts are permanently evaluating new tools and the possible integration between them. In addition, practical experience is leveraged for identifying the right combination of tools, while avoiding vendor lock-in.



Digital Oil Field architecture

Performance, maintainability and user-friendliness are key for every DOF system.  A performing data and software architecture is the only way to achieve these goals.


At IPCOS, we have a number of software and data architects with a strong track record in delivering leading edge DOF architectures. Through our technology agnostic position, we are the right partner for orchestrating multi-vendor solutions.