APC Technology-Independent Services

APC Technology-Independent Services

IPCOS engineers providing technology-independent services for Advanced Process Control projectsWhether you’re looking for consultancy on your in-house APC activities, or a fully outsourced APC project: IPCOS’ technology-independent services for Advanced Process Control projects will ensure that you will get continuous value from your APC investments.

IPCOS offers technology-independent services for Advanced Control Projects.  We are active in a wide range of industries, including refining, petrochemicals, gas processing, chemicals, and fertilizer.  Our APC experts combine in-depth process knowledge and Advanced Process Control experience.  This combination is the best guarantee for successful APC projects.

IPCOS can support your APC implementations for any major APC technology, including DMCplus and DMC3 from Aspentech, RMPCT and ProfitSuite from Honeywell, and SMOC from Yokogawa.  And if you don’t have APC technology yet?  Don’t worry, we can offer our proprietary INCA MPC technology.

Our services include:

  • Performance audits: we review the performance of your APC application and identify improvement opportunities
  • Benefits studies: we can help you build the business case for your APC investment, and even better: we can guarantee the benefits you will get from your APC implementation!
  • Implementation projects: IPCOS will take full ownership of your APC implementation project, with a special focus on knowledge transfer and training of your staff
  • Maintenance programs: let IPCOS take ownership of sustaining the benefits of your APC applications
  • Training courses: IPCOS can train your APC engineers on the best practices of APC implementation
  • APC network security projects: in the light of increasing cyber security concerns, IPCOS can implement a secure APC architecture that fits in your IT philosophy and combines maximum accessibility of the APC applications with maximum security

Our experience in APC performance monitoring ensures that we can continuously assess the value that your APC applications generate.  Therefore, IPCOS’ APC maintenance programs ensure that your APC applications are kept at their maximum performance, with maximum operator acceptance.

Take a look at our case studies for some excellent examples! Visit our Youtube channel to watch our recorded Webinars on process control.

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