Plant Operations Excellence

Is APC the right tool for you?

Are you looking to maximize your production using your existing asset?

IPCOS' control solutions offer you a continuous optimization of your plant operation, resulting in an average increase in production of more than 3%. And the best of all: we can guarantee it!

Are you striving to minimize your energy consumption?

Through IPCOS’ control solutions the energy efficiency of your plant operation is significantly improved. Typical payback times from energy efficiency improvements are well below 6 months.

Do you want to significantly improve the stability of operation?

IPCOS control projects result in improved stability of your plant operation. The variance in your key process parameters is typically reduced by at least 50%.

Would you like to reduce the number of alarms and the risk of human error?

Improved stability of operations brings a significant reduction in the number of alarms. And through IPCOS’ control solutions, there is less need for operators to make changes to key setpoints in the plant, so the risk of human error is greatly reduced.


Why IPCOS is your partner of choice:

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