Performance Monitoring

If you want to operate your asset at the maximum performance it is key to measure the performance in a consistent and objective way.

If a production increase of 0.2% is important to you, then guessing the performance is not an option anymore.

IPCOS provides a complete suite of services helping our customers to measure the performance of their assets accurately and consistently.

Performance Monitoring faces multiple challenges

  • Different departments in a company utilize different methods to measure the performance of an asset
  • Although every body agrees that “Garbage in” means “garbage out” it is still common practice to work with bad data
  • Measuring performance accurately means that it should be measured at the different levels starting with the instrumentation, the base layer controllers up to the complete unit and site. At every level the measurement should be accurate and consistent. Many companies apply the performance monitoring approach only at 1 or 2 levels.

The benefits of Performance Monitoring

  • Measuring performance in real time allows to detect performance degradation at an early stage. The losses due to the degradation will be limited to a minimum
  • Degrading performance can be onset of major problems. Early detection results in the avoidance of unplanned plant shutdowns
  • Consistent performance measurement will allow corporate managers to benchmark individual plants within the organisation. Benchmarking to competing plants becomes also possible
  • From now on decisions about future investments will be based on more accurate numbers
  • If improvements are small in engineering units, but big in euros or dollars accuracy is key.

What defines IPCOS Performance Monitoring?

  • PID Control loop performance monitoring: at the DCS/PLC level measure online the performance of all (up to thousands) of PID loops. Where are the manual PID controllers and why are they in manual? Is it bad tuning? A bad control design? Faulty hardware? …. Watch this webinar about PID performance.
  • APC performance monitoring: measure in real time (or at least frequently) the performance of an APC controller will result in no lost benefits. It is the ideal way to organize the APC maintenance. Watch these webinars on KPI’s for APC and APC Maintenance.

Best practices

  • Start with high quality data. IPCOS can help you to provide your performance monitoring systems with better data
  • Use the right tools. There are many in the market. IPCOS has built up expertise with many of these tools. We can help you to select the right tool for the job
  • Keep it simple. Many tools generate a huge amount of data. Often not all data is relevant for you. Build the tools you need
  • Use the right dashboards for every user. Different users want to see different things. IPCOS has the expertise to generate the dashboards for all levels in the organisation.