IOT Services

The industry is poised to benefit heavily from the IoT revolution. Asset teams are now truly empowered to make and automate decisions directly in the field, eliminating the need for heavy infrastructure, communication, complex and costly instrumentation.

IOT Architectures overcome multiple challenges

  • Many assets are still unconnected to any central location or monitoring facility
  • Many assets require significant manual operator intervention and interventions are generally inefficient since the operator does not have much context information available when visiting the assets
  • Most assets are still operated in a semi-manual mode. Regular operator visits are required to implement new setpoints or gather information about the asset manually.
  • The cost of instrumenting additional pieces of equipment or modifying existing equipment is prohibitive in many cases in a distributed environment. Telecom infrastructure is limited in bandwidth or not available at all.

The benefits of IOT Services

  • Increased asset insight. The ability to monitor more components contributing to the operating conditions of the asset.
  • Labor optimization. Optimizing human resources qualitatively and quantitatively based on the ability to better monitor the asset.
  • Downtime reduction. The ability for skilled technicians to pro-actively act to prevent issues consistently ensures reduction in downtime due to unforeseen systems failures.
  • Forecasting accuracy. The ability to monitor operating conditions throughout the asset allows for more accurate understanding and estimating of events impacting production forecasts.
  • Streamlined communication. Better understanding of the integrated asset contributes to a better understanding of the value chain between people and the technology (IoT devices).
  • Support cost reduction. The cost of the device infrastructure is considerably less than the cost of existing solutions requiring  

Increased integration potential with existing systems over traditional instrumentation.

What defines IPCOS IOT Services?

IPCOS designs IoT solutions that run at the edge to improve existing and enable new operational workflows for the optimization and safety of producing assets, on-land and offshore.

IPCOS maintains a technology independent position in the IoT domain integrating best in class technologies available in the market.

IPCOS engineers IoT-based solutions to increase operational efficiency. IPCOS develops software to run on any IoT gateway to enable new workflows and capabilities directly at the edge or integrated with back office software through cloud technology.

Best practices

  • Maintain an open architecture
  • Design to scale
  • Minimize manual configuration effort
  • Focus on device management
  • Optimize analytical methods for minimal hardware cost