Automated Reporting

Production assets need to create transparency on performance and environmental compliance by reporting key performance indicators on a frequent basis to internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis. Key KPI’s and targets need to be calculated in a consistent manner and distributed to the right people at the right time. This is an essential first step in further improving the performance of an asset.

Automated Reporting overcomes multiple challenges

  • Reports are generated manually by the engineers on a regular basis or on demand which eats away valuable time from the engineers
  • KPI’s are not clearly defined and do not allow for assets to be compared
  • Reports are sent around by e-mail and difficult to trace back
  • Generating the reports is error prone since it is a manual repetitive task

Best practices

  • Reports are generated on a frequent basis with no manual intervention
  • KPI’s are clearly defined and documented
  • KPI calculations are performed in specific workflows and not as part of the report generation process
  • Reports can be customized easily for the target audience