Advanced Process Control

IPCOS delivers technology independent APC solutions for the gas-processing, refining, petrochemical, fertilizer and power industry.

In day to day operations, customers are experiencing the following challenges

  • The performance of the process depends on operator experience
  • Customers need to produce a consistent product quality at a minimum cost with ever changing feed stocks, ambient conditions, market conditions and a given set of process limits
  • Operators get extra administrative responsibilities, preventing them focusing on the unit operations
  • Customers that already have invested in APC systems need to keep these controllers running in an optimal way, also after process modifications like revamps.

The benefits of Advanced Process Control

  • Reduced process variations beyond what is possible with traditional PID control
  • More hands off operation. Under normal operating conditions, operators would not need to touch the process at all
  • Operate the plant always at the optimum. This can be at the maximum throughput, the lowest specific energy consumption, the point with the highest margins, or combinations of the above
  • Respect under all conditions the process limits.

What defines IPCOS Advanced Process Control?

  • Technology independent APC solutions. IPCOS delivers turnkey APC installations based on all common APC technologies on the market (DMCplus, DMC3, RMPCT, Profitsuite, SMOC, PACE, Simsci APC and off course our own INCA MPC)
  • In depth process know how in our core markets like gas-processing, refining, petrochemicals, fertilizers and power
  • Active around the world with engineers that speak your language
  • IPCOS does not only deliver new APC applications but also revamps existing (third party) applications.

Best practices

  • IPCOS starts with a detailed study of the process. This results in benefit guarantees for the future APC system
  • We make your plant APC ready. That means that we assess the unit first and analyse what needs to be fixed first regarding instrumentation, process, actuators, base layer controls, DCS topology etc
  • Focus on the training of operators and the customer engineers
  • Keep it simple!! Our engineers find an optimal balance between APC complexity (and related price) and APC benefits and maintainability
  • Organise the maintenance of the controller such that benefits will be generated for the many years to come.