We offer a wide range of services improving asset performance

Thanks to its domain specialists, IPCOS is able to cover the whole value chain, delivering integrated solutions to its customers.

Advanced Control Room Solutions

IPCOS' Advanced Control Room Solutions optimize the minute-to minute, day-to-day operations of your plant in closed loop, 24/7. We start by building a solid foundation with optimal DCS/PLC PID controls and efficient alarm management. Additional optimization comes as a natural next step with APC and (if applicable) real time optimization. Together, these solutions guarantee that the plants run at their physical and economic optimum.

Business Process Automation

IPCOS’ Workflow solutions ensure that key backend engineering processes are optimized. We start from existing day to day practices to incrementally improve and automate workflows as much as possible. We deploy workflow engines to automate model calculations, develop dashboards for the engineer and deploy surveillance by exception engines.

Advanced Analytics

IPCOS’ digital engineers combine deep expertise in data science with strong affinity in various engineering disciplines such as chemical, petroleum and electrical engineering. A very practical approach to data science is exercised and models are built fit for purpose. Strong ties with the universities ensure that IPCOS stays in tune with the latest and greatest data science.

Industrial IT Architecture

IPCOS’ broad view on the key technologies supporting digitalization puts us in pole position to support companies in developing their digital architecture. We typically start from the legacy application portfolio and identify gaps in the architecture. A multi-year roadmap is subsequently developed to close the gaps and ensure long term success of the program.