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“IPCOS is valued by its customers for its high standards and best-in-class employees. Needless to say your professional development is our top priority!

At IPCOS your learning and development is continuous through coaching on the job, targeted individual training courses, corporate training initiatives and IPCOS’ virtual learning corner!

Curious to read more about our culture and values? Check out our employees’ testimonials!”

Anja Leurs, HR Manager, IPCOS Belgium

What to expect when joining IPCOS?

A technical engineering career

Throughout the versatile projects, you will tap into and build upon multi-disciplinary knowledge you have acquired during studies and past experiences. Through cooperation with highly experienced colleagues and the use of latest technologies available in the market, you acquire and strengthen a unique skillset which truly makes you an expert in your field.

International exposure

While serving a worldwide customer-base, you will have the opportunity to travel to places you have never been before and experience different cultures and environments.

Ownership & independence

IPCOS fosters an environment for team working as well as independence. You will always find a helping hand, yet you are also given ownership over your projects. Being given such responsibility from day one, allows you to take initiative and be creative. Your contributions are visible in the entire organization!

What do our team members say about IPCOS?

“Pleasant work culture”

Gian Marco

Project engineer

At IPCOS there are no rigid rules, and the motto is that there are always solutions for everything. IPCOS believes that an accessible management and agility in decision making is key to success. At IPCOS, we all contribute to transparent communication and we are pragmatic in our approach towards any challenge.

“Felt part of the team from the start!”


Project engineer

IPCOS is a great place to work because the company has a strong eye for the well-being of its employees. There is room for laughter and fun activities are regularly organised. Flexibility in work hours and management backing me up on any difficulty (professional or personal), have made IPCOS feel more like a family than an employer!

“Work – life balance”


Software engineer

I’ve worked on a very broad range of interesting projects. The combination of state-of-the-art technology and on-site services delivered all over the world is what attracted me to IPCOS. I started as an APC engineer and worked in teams with so many skilled and diverse people at companies around the globe.  Later IPCOS offered me the opportunity to be part of the Technology Development team. What I like best about this company is the flexibility it offers with much consideration for the employees’ professional and personal needs. As a husband and father of three children, I have found that my employment with IPCOS has ensured a very nice balance between work and family life.



Software engineer

After my graduation, I was looking for a job where I could develop technical applications. As a mechanical engineer with a passion for programming, I found a perfect match within IPCOS. IPCOS gives me the opportunity to further develop my skills in a highly technically skilled environment. Our team of colleagues is very complementary; there is always someone to learn from or to go to with questions. What I like most is that you receive a lot of responsibilities from day one. This means that you can be creative in your work, take a lot of initiative and even step out of your own job context.



Team lead

I have always loved to travel and when I got my first job with IPCOS, fresh out of university, I thought I would have to hold off on my passion. Little did I know that IPCOS works with customers worldwide and that I would get to travel often.

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