Unconventional oil and gas is a term used to describe production reserves that cannot be obtained using historical recovery methods. Oil reserves have become more difficult to extract as a result of location, depth, and formation. Therefore, the need for new technology and methodologies grows with every completion. Shale gas, heavy oil, bitumen, and increasingly deep gas fields are examples of unconventional oil and gas. The economics of retrieving unconventional oil has been a concern in the past, but new technologies and the decrease in conventional oil have created an economic opportunity for unconventional oil and gas.

IPCOS’ Offering in Unconventional Oil & Gas

IPCOS offers services in all areas of optimizing drilling and production excellence for unconventional operations. IPCOS designs and implements dedicated workflows targeting unconventional operations including but not limited to real-time drilling optimization and monitoring, fracture modeling, well interference and infield drilling optimization. IPCOS is a technology independent company and can provide advice on which tools to use, support the development of new types of analytics or design full end-to-end custom solutions.