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How much are your wells producing right now? What about tomorrow? Or in a year?

At IPCOS, we think that DOF systems should provide answers to these questions in a matter of seconds. Obtaining quick reliable information about past, current and future production requires alignment and integration through your entire organization. Because it is not a trivial task, IPCOS has specialized in supporting companies to make this integration a reality.

Are you managing the reservoir day by day for optimal recovery?

Relating long-term objectives to day-to-day operations requires several teams to work as one, supported by a clear vision and technical means. To move forward successfully, IPCOS has significant experience designing such systems, and a deep knowledge of the pitfalls to avoid.

Do you know by how much your production defers on a daily basis? Do you know what the causes may be?

Accurately tracking production deferment requires a full technology stack to be in place, from automatic event detection to virtual metering. Designing a system which encompasses all these workflows leads to operational excellence and increased production. You need the right information to make the right decision!

How are you performing against target? What are the most profitable investments done recently?

Relating your day-to-day operations with the economics of your field and the medium term objective is key to improve profitability without considerable additional investment. With our business expertise and technical knowledge, IPCOS provides the ability to define and integrate efficiently the best engineering model solutions for oil field processes.